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PRP treatment is an amazing way to handle many of the distressing health and skin concerns.

Platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP treatment is speedily becoming a desired beauty procedure because of its effortlessness and efficacy. It is easy because it encompasses blood being drawn from a patient’s body resembling a regular blood test. The blood is then put into a centrifuge for a few minutes to separate out the platelets, serum and blood cells. And there you have everything you require to elicit your body’s natural healing mechanism at will.Let‘s see how we can use PRP therapy in India for augmenting our skin and looks.

Elimination of acne

Virtually all of us are affected by acne at some point in our life but it is more common amid teenagers. Acne is the outcome of blocked pores. When pores are clogged, it causes inflammation on that part of the skin and the consequence is tiny bumps on the skin identified as acne or pimples. When these bumps get erupted, they can leave a semi-perpetual scar on your skin. The platelets in the PRP injections encompass growth factors, which are recognized to arouse the skin cells and activate the manufacture of new skin tissue. Manufacture of new skin also means creation of new collagen which impressively improves the skin appearance in that and nearby regions making it look more pulsating and soft.

Treatment for wrinkles

Wrinkles start demarcating your skin, especially facial skin when you hit the age of 30. They are unsightly to see and can make a person look dull and weary. One of the secrets to healthy-looking, wrinkle-free skin is PRP. Platelet rich plasma treatments are implemented using blood being extracted from the patient’s body just like in a blood test. Consequently, the trigger mechanism that creates the anti-aging effect via platelets and serum is 100% natural. Henceforth, the outcomes look flawlessly natural too. With PRP treatment in India, there are no hazardous side-effects to be scared of and it won’t look peculiar either. That makes it an impeccable treatment for anti-aging wrinkle abolition. The way PRP diminishes wrinkles is levelheaded. The platelets and serum vaccinate din a PRP process elicits a fabricated healing indication to the skin, specifying  that it is time to overhaul and thus begins the collagen production which viciously create new layers of skin tissue.

Treatment for hair loss

Everybody experiences hair loss in their life. Hormonal variations and some medical disorders cause substantial undesirable hair loss.Hair loss transpires when your hair renewal falls below your hair loss rate. That is why PRP has been confirmed to be an effective approach for hair loss treatment. The growth factors and blood cells enclosed in the plasma rich platelets can be influential catalysts that quicken your scalp’s capability to revive hair cells. The growth factors can stimulate the hair and make your scalp healthier and cleaner.

If you wish to relish the benefits of PRP therapy in India, you can approach Kashyap Skin Clinic to opt the procedure by Dr. S. K. Kashyap.


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